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Whatever your job title, you can make a global impact and change people's lives here.


Why do we exist?

Guarantee that everyone everywhere has access to the healthcare professional they need.


How are we going to get there?

Centralize and revolutionize the healthcare staffing process.


Where do we want to arrive?

Become the unparalleled solution for health units and professionals worldwide.

At MyCareforce, we collaborate, set high achievable goals, and focus on the end result. It's a challenging, evolving environment that allows you to learn and grow. You will face a disruptive and emerging business model that will push you in several areas, with no boundaries for creation and collaboration. Wanna know more about us?

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We give you 2 million

reasons to believe

in our mission.

Are you in?

About us

MyCareforce is a groundbreaking healthcare marketplace dedicated to connecting professionals with critical shifts in health units. We are empowering nurses to be more independent, have a better work-life balance and earn more money. At the same time, we are making institutions less dependent on third parties and optimising their processes to better assist their patients.

With a proven track record in Portugal, collaborating with 150+ institutions and fostering a community of 10,000+ registered professionals, we've established our impact and reliability. Our challenge at hand is to establish MyCareforce in Brazil.

Why you, why now?

As MyCareforce amplifies its impact in the healthcare sector, you can play a vital role in this mission. With your expertise, we're ready to revolutionize healthcare staffing, ushering in a new era of efficiency and accessibility. Join us in shaping the future. Discover more about what can be your crucial role below. 👇

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